Thanks for taking the first step in working towards your health and wellness goals. We are here for you in any capacity to bring you success.

The consultation is a great opportunity for us to get to know you personally. We dig in deep with questions about your lifestyle and health to better give you a more personalized approach to your health and wellness. Here you will find a general questionnaire to start our conversation around you! Take a moment to fill this in with as much detail as you can provide. When we meet in person to go over this, I will be taking advantage of that opportunity to dig deeper to understand your exercise history, health history, structure your goals and get to know you!

** Please note that the in-person consultation costs $70 dollars. This will take roughly 1-hour of our time. If you decide to jump on board I will happily deduct the $70 from the total cost of your first transaction.


// Step 1: General

Preferred Pronoun

Why is now the time to make a change?

// Step 2: Exercise/Health History

Have you ever participated in structured physical activity?
Do you have any health concerns that may impact your ability to perform unrestriced physica activity?

// Step 3: Goals

In general, describe what your goals are and why.

What are your biggest obstacles that get in the way from you achieving those goals?

// Step 4: Availability

What time of day works best to train?
What days of the week wor best to train?

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