What style of training do you do?

My style of training varies from client to client. All training is based on the goals and physical abilities of all my clients. My training will include components of bodyweight exercises, traditional weightlifting styles, functional training utilizing medicine balls, bands and multi-compound movements, corrective and restorative work.

Do you offer nutritional services?

At the present, no. I am currently working towards creating a working relationship with a registered dietitian so that I may be able to bring you more services to help you with those health and wellness goals.

What kind of education do you have?

I have completed the NAIT PFT diploma where I was educated in anatomy, exercise physiology, human movement mechanics, nutrition and various other forms of foundational science classes. Within the course, we also covered NASM Functional and Corrective exercise classes, ACSM Strength Training & Conditioning and the NAIT PFT program also educated their students in CSEP CPT.​

How does personal training work for a contract trainer?

Do I have to buy a membership?

I am a self-employed personal fitness trainer. I own my own business license to operate my personal training services out of a facility. I currently contract out of a facility called Evolve Downtown where I offer my services.

The facility that I contract out of does offer the option for a membership. However, there is also an option for drop in and punch pass payments. You are also able to use a facility elsewhere if you are utilizing our online resources.

Can you train at other locations?

Yes. I am able to do whatever I want in regards to my personal training business. However, my schedule does not allow for me to travel. I specifically train out the Evolve Downtown location only.