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My name is Cotie Guzman and my story about fitness and wellness is really not any different than the average person pursuing fitness and wellness.


Growing up I did not have a huge inclination towards sports. In fact, I was the kid in gym class that was always picked last and come the final year in high school I dropped gym class because I hated the favoritism the environment fostered towards the more athletically inclined individuals. I was an arts kid. I was a recluse. I was (still am, actually) a night owl, I love pizza (and always will), and enjoy my beers on a patio. I grew into my love of fitness over time and when someone had approached me one day and mentioned that I should look into being a personal trainer. I opened my mind to the idea of structuring my life around fitness and pursuing a career in personal training.


I never grew up wanting to be a personal trainer because I associated trainers with the kids in gym class who picked me last. I stigmatized trainers as these highly athletic beef heads who only lived to lift weights and eat protein. However, at this point I was already a physically active individual, I had a gym membership and went to the gym semi-regularly, and I had always worked with people. I thought to myself - why not? I looked into the program at NAIT and, despite not having a big interest in the sciences, I attempted to work on a couple classes. I fell in love with the sciences behind how the body works and here I am today, making people lift heavy shit, making people sweat and improving the lives of people in whatever way I can.


Ultimately, my goal is to help people who were just like me in gym class. People who feel like fitness is out of reach, people who are scared to step into a gym because they have a fear of being judged, people who understand the importance of their health and need the guidance of a trained professional to show them around and build their confidence. This is my sole purpose with my business. I want to build people up. I want people to grow. I want people to become stronger, healthier and more confident versions of themselves. I dedicate a lot of my practice to helping people and will continue to grow as a personal trainer to continue this for many years to come.


​- Cotie